Hand delivering essential winter items to Chicago's Homeless community.

About the Goody Bag Initiative 
Chicago has an estimated 82,212 homeless
individuals around the Chicagoland area. 
-Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, 2015
Chicago is known for its beautiful skyline, historical landmarks, diversity, and vibrant artistic culture, to say the least. 

But when you think of Chicago, you can't deny one very obvious reality associated with the city....the brutally cold winters.

It's nothing Chicagoans adapt to, just something we accept. 
And as we go year to year preparing and enduring the winter months, there is also a very real year-long problem of homelessness. Thousands of people of all ages brace the cold in ways that those of us who are blessed to have shelter can't even imagine, living outside during Chicago winters. 

No matter what situation leads to homelessness, here at the Goody Bag Initiative understand that we can all face that same condition at any given time. We have a vision to work to be a sense of relief to those who are just like us, just living in circumstances that differ from what ours may be. 

We coach and train our volunteers to endure the cold with a smile and hand deliver essential winter items to those who need them most. Delivering not just needed items, but much needed encouragement. 

Through the help of donors & sponsors, we have created a system that allows for a small $12 donation to be a blessing to a single individual and provide them with basic everyday items to help get them through the cold. For every additional dollar we receive, we are able to gather additional items to add to the bag, so essentially and literally, every dollar counts.

We recruit volunteers and seek donors and sponsors all year long so that we can prepare to hit the streets monthly from December to February.

Meet Jeanne, a woman living on the streets of Chicago. Hear her story. Learn how you can help.
Breaking News on Chicago's Homeless Crisis Courtesy of
The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

What's a "Goody Bag"

Our mission:
To provide  a sense of relief to those who endure the most during Chicago winters. We are intentional about serving those in need with compassion and kindness while braving extreme weather conditions and hand delivering essential winter items and providing a word of encouragement along the way. We goal to not only provide a meaningful experience for those we help, but also for those who serve as donors, sponsors, and volunteers, offering them the opportunity to witness first hand, the harsh realities of homelessness in hopes to inspire a greater appreciation for our own lives & the lives of others. Offering an all-around experience of walking in love. 

Our Vision:
To gather and maintain a variety of essential items to distribute yearly, eventually across all 77 Chicago neighborhoods.  Through research, partnerships, and donations, we goal to be able to soon provide top- quality and innovative items to assist with surviving through the coldest nights by offering tents, insulated sleeping equipment, thermal wear, and much more, ultimately providing resources
and results to erratic homelessness in Chicago.

How to Help:
3 Ways to Give



Give on behalf of your church,
organization, or company!


Hit the streets with us and help 
distribute Goody Bags at various Chicago locations. Delivery outreach days run from December through February 2018

Great experience for Families,
Friends, and groups!
Donate $12 to purchase 
a Goody Bag for one or more
​homeless individuals!

Ready, Set, Give!
Track our progress!

Giving Center

Goal: $1,200
100 bags

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We're hitting the streets of Chicago and hand delivering our "Goody Bags" to those in need this winter! If you would like to volunteer to help with delivery, let us know!

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give & groove.

is an annual live music show to raise funds for the Goody Bag. Curated by Chicago music artist, Nialand , Christmas Cool features and array of Chicago performers and each ticket directly benefits the Goody Bag & recruits volunteers to hit the streets following the event.

This year's show will take place on December 16, 2017
More details on the way!

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